Buying a second home through a mortgage loan

A considerable number of consumers use their mortgage credit to buy a second home. This is a report from the Crediterian Fortis barometer. In Belgium, debtors are entering into a mortgage loan formula to buy a new property. Buying a second home through a mortgage is very common.

It may be a second residence or any other dwelling intended for rental. Statistics have all the more revealed that one in five consumers do so in this way. With the strong presence of Crediterian Fortis in Belgium, with 25% presence on the Belgian financial market, the findings are more than significant.

Analysis of the real estate sector for the second home via a mortgage loan

Analysis of the real estate sector for the second home via a mortgage loan

Analysts also spoke about this phenomenon across Europe and explained the reasons. Indeed, competition in the financial market means that interest rates diversify according to the organization. Some banks also offer very attractive rates. A situation that made the mortgage very popular with consumers. Subscription to a credit offer has therefore increased sharply during the first half of 2017. And the majority of these loans mainly concern mortgage credit.

The expert opinion also supported the quality of “rental yields” in the real estate sector as the main reason. An extra income in his crate is always welcome. Individuals have not wasted time and benefit from the expansion of the real estate sector. An investment like any other project intended to generate productive income. This is one of the reasons that justify the implantation of people in Belgium. Yet, the phenomenon is found everywhere in Europe. A second home via a mortgage is the solution for you!